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Ever considered stopping your day’s writing just when it’s getting good?  If you’re like me, stingy for each rare day of free-flowing writing and wanting to squeeze the most out of them when they come, then I understand if you find this suggestion horrifying.

Starting the dernest hemingwayay’s writing can sometimes be the most rigorous part of a writer’s day.  Every writer has his own way of coping.  For all you NaNoWriMo folks out there, as well as the less-daring writers like myself, here’s a tip from a fairly successful writer.

Hemingway reportedly wrote 500-1000 words each day and stopped when he was going good.  That way he could pick up where he left off the next day.  Sometimes, he’d stop mid-sentence so that he’d have at least one-half of a sentence to write the next day.

How’s that for forethought?  How often do we just rush through an inspired days work until we’ve depleated the well of ideas?  Then what’s left for the next day’s writing?

I’m working on a short story today and I’ve decided to  try out Hemingway’s method.  If nothing else, I’ll have half a sentence written day and the assurance that I’ll have at least half a sentence to write tomorrow.



"The purpose of art is not a rarified, intellectual distillate -- it is life, intensified, brilliant life." ~ Alain Arias-Misson