I started out as a crafter of words, and then I began knitting and realized that weaving yarn into yarn with nimble needles and loop upon loop — one at a time — was a lot like writing.  So too with cooking: combing flavors with great care, letting bursts of subconscious creativity guide my hand when I reached into the  spice cabinet. And that kind of reminded me of being a kid and choosing a crayon from a Crayola box without any knowledge of the color spectrum but knowing instinctually which color was best… the same way I now know instantly when I walk into a fabric store which fabric I’m going to use to make a new skirt, not from sight but from smell.
These activities, these crafts, have one thing in common: their process. The process is the same; it’s an exercise in creativity, and while doing one craft, I’m often coming up with solutions or ideas for another.
This blog is about how craft intersects in my life.  It’s sometimes a how-to blog and sometimes a show-and-tell.  And it’s kind of a love ballad celebrating the creative spark that’s produce when two crafts meet.
I hope you enjoy and keep on crafting.