Did you all see this article a couple days ago? About how some guy got all worked up when he saw a sign on a tree in an Abbey garden warning visitors to “Beware Falling Conkers: Proceed with care.” The guy kind of used the event as an excuse to get on his soap box about how ridiculous health and safety measures have become in England.

While I agree that it’s slightly pedantic to warn people about falling chestnuts when every school child in Britain knows what a horse chestnut tree looks like and that every fall they drop large, thorn-encased conkers, I do see that the folks at the Abbey were just trying to be considerate.  Whatever.

Conkers. They’re apparently a big part of the collective subconscious over here.  Obviously, I need to get with it.

Did you know that they even have a world conker competitions? You can read all about how the game is played on their website.


Okay, I promise that’s all I’ll say about conkers or chestnuts or any other nuts for that matter.  For a while anyways.

*Photos of the conker competition (including the one of man playing conkers while wearing a cheese hat) are available from the conker world championship website.