I’m not a veil kind of bride.  Let that go on the record.  I have no legitimate reason except that, in my twisted mind, veils are all wrapped up (forgive the pun) with the virgin sacrifice imagery I see everywhere in modern weddings. Blah.


recently I’ve surprised myself (and everyone who’s ever heard me rant about weddings) by falling in love with these gorgeous fluttery, whispy, head covering thingies.

Casablanca Bridal Comb

I love the whispy floral look of this bridal comb by Emily Wooton at BlumeBloom. She also has a similar comb/veil made out of dogwoods that I absolutely adore (it’s my favorite flower and the state flower of NC, fyi).  Unfortunately, I can’t see the brown taped wire looking good against my blond hair.

Side Swirl Tulle Birdcage

Here’s a stunner by Fascinating Creations. I love how unabashedly poofy it is without being 80s bridezilla.

Bandeau Style Veil

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Yes, I am actually saying that about a strip of vision-obscuring Russian veiling. Another from Fascinating Creations. I am pretty sure that if I went for a birdcage veil I wouldn’t want a full one à la Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. Although this one is nice — not full-on facial coverage.

Flower Fascinator Veil

Now the question for both the bandeau style veil and this flower fascinator veil by Tessa Kim:  flower or no flower? What to you think?

In keeping with Craft is a Verb principles, the next step is to make one of these little do-hickies. So this weekend I’ll head over to the fabric store to pick up some Russian veiling and maybe some tulle.

Can anyone suggest a good tutorial for making a birdcage veil?